New Technology claims the thinnest, lightest, fastest phone ever.

Is this new iPhone 5 really what it’s all cracked up to be? All I know is my iPhone 4 screen has cracked one too many times for me to truly believe this glass is thin and light, and yet still durable. Yeah. Right. I will say however, Apple has taken over the technological world and our generation has introduced a new tool to an easier way to life. With the answer to nearly everything at your fingertips, it’s no wonder it’s every preteens favorite device. With college students away from home, it’s no wonder it’s their preferred cell phone as well. Adults now have access to emails, meeting locations, a map to the location, and a friendly Siri reminder to attend the meeting. Have we swooned you in yet? The iPhone’s convenience outweighs any over priced device argument any traditional adult may attempt to have with you. Next time ask Grandma if she can store credit card payments, reward cards, coupons, and plane tickets all in one spot like the new Passbook App offers in the iOS6 software. That might quiet them up. However, I still sit here and wonder how far Apple will go? Just how much further potential does this company have, and what will they introduce for our aging generation and new generations to come? I ache in anticipation. Contrary, I also ache in anticipation for my next available upgrade so I can follow this new technological fad and purchase my brand new (1.5 in. longer) iPhone 5!

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