Apple vs. Google

The new iOS6 software for Apple iPhone’s introduced many new advances with the product, such as a whole new Siri, updated Facebook App, Passbook App, and new sharing menus. Tons more features with full details can be found here.

Did anyone notice what wasn’t included? Google apps! YouTube and Google maps have been removed from Apple Products since the recent feud between the two companies. Both companies are now competing with each other with phones, maps, with content, and with search.

So who was in the wrong? Who stepped on whose toes first to stir up this controversy? Was Google slapped in the face to see their manufactured product no longer on Apple devices? Find out more details here.

As a consumer victimized by this feud I have one simple request from Apple now that they stand alone in their product manufacturing. And no, I don’t give a damn about who Apple branches their products with. Quite frankly, I just want it to work efficiently. If it’s fast and easy to use, I’m satisfied. So, from my ignorant consumer standpoint.. Apple, I’m begging you to please make YouTube an active and accessible app to use while browsing through your phone. PLEASE? I cannot stand listening to YouTube songs and having them pause because someone sends me a text, or I need to use Maps while I drive. This could be such a simple fix and is something that drives me absolutely insane every single day! Hopefully they resolve their problems, or Apple improves theirs. Not like I’d boycott using their products or anything. I mean, let’s be real, I am a consumer living in this new technologically advanced world. I’m living in a generation where one feels emptiness and loneliness when they don’t own a cell phone. Our generation wants to, and will continue to, stay in touch with the world via technology. Just saying.

Apple vs. Google

2 thoughts on “Apple vs. Google

  1. I strongly agree with this post. I was very disappointed to find that youtube was replaced by passbook. Although passbook was a neat addition, I don’t think I will ever utilize it like i utilized youtube. I hope whatever the feud is that they fix it. Maybe the next iphone update with bring about a newer and improved youtube application.

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