iPhone 5: It’s An Apple Fact.

Apple’s Technology Failure

With the new iPhone 5 features and display, the demand for this new phone has by no surprise, boomed. Unexpectedly however, this product ran in short supply. As an avid Apple product user, I of course went on to explore the reasons as to why I am, like many of you consumers, stuck waiting for my new iPhone 5 to arrive. The answer can be found all the way in China, where Apple’s production company’s reside.

At this point, I hope you all have had the joyful experience exploring the new iPhone 5. Last week my friend’s arrived in the mail and we played, all day. Then it got me to thinking, why did she have to wait so long for her new iPhone 5 to arrive when she had ordered it weeks ago? I did some exploring and found the explanation. As all new technology devices, they get better with time. Mashable did a story to uncover the truth behind slow production and found this to be true, practice makes perfect. This new phone is so advanced and difficult to make, it is all new sleek thin appearance makes the production even more challenging. Manufactured in China, the company apologizes for the delay but encourages consumers that the production workers are getting better each and every day and that phones will be available again soon to help increase Apple’s declining sale. A little unprepared for this booming product were we? The new iPhone 5’s speed is ahead of our own human kind can keep up with! No, of course I’m just kidding. However, at this rate who knows where technology will take us in the near future. As the Apple manufacturer’s claim, “It can only get better with time.”

What’s The iPhone 5 Productivity Effect?

Internal iPhone 5 Display

You can only image the domino effect this shortage of iPhone 5 phones has produced. Apple’s stock has been hit the hardest in these recent weeks due to this large cut in sales of the iPhone 5. The slower production, as explained by the manufacturers, is partially due to the tighter quality controls during manufacturing to prevent the iPhone 5 from shipping with scratches. This was a big problem with previous iPhone shipments in the past.

As far as the supply however, the company apologizes and states, “The iPhone 5 is the toughest product the company has ever had to make.”
The assembly of this new slick, light weight phone is new to manufacturers, and extremely challenging to assemble.”

The production is slowly getting better with time, and is expected to help increase iPhone 5 sales in the future. Currently, Apple sales are down .4% than expected with this production backup, but expected to even back out within these next few weeks. I’d rather have them take their time with these products then make fast, large bulks of this device and have it sent back for manufacturing issues. I’ve gone through too many phones in my short lifetime to send another one back for internal glitches. As ready as I am for my new phone I am encouraging them to take their time with iPhone 5 productivity, practice will make perfect!

Sleek new iPhone External Display

After further reading the external iPhone 5 features, I will say this. Be careful with your new device! Although the phone is much lighter and thinner, the aluminum material is much easier to scratch up than previous models. The supply constraints for these out-of-the-box scratches have caused Apple’s stock cap to fall. So what do you think? Is the Apple iPhone 5 really the best phone on the market today?